Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maybe cooking classes are in order LOL!

You might be wondering why I posted a picture of a bottle of Olive oil.....well heres the story!!

So some of you (if were friends on FB) may already know but today I had an interesting baking day! I'll be the first to admit I am NO GOOD at cooking or baking by any means at all! It just so happens that I have been craving brownies and since we had a box in the cabinet, I thought I would make a batch really quickly! Now whenever I attempt to cook or bake...I have a really bad habit of not checking to make sure we have everything we need or the proper amounts! So anyways...I poured in the mix of powdery stuff, the eggs, water, and than I realized that I did not have any vegetable oil! So i looked around the cabinets and noticed that we had olive oil! I was soo excited because it looked just like the vegetable oil so I figured it would be the same! I started pouring it in the measuring cup and realized that my problem got worse! The olive oil only filled the measuring cup a little over 1/4 of the way when I needed 1/3 cup! LOL so what did I do...I improvised! I poured water the rest of the way! Thats when I decided that maybe it was time to ask for what else would I do? I posted on facebook! LOL! Thanks to the girls on facebook I got answers! LOL and my brownies are hopefully edible! Maybe next time I'll just stick to the nestle premade cookie dough!! LOL! And to think, all of this because I didnt know the difference between olive oil and vegetable oil!! So now Im thinking maybe I should take a cooking class!

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