Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Just posted my first team post for the amazing WOW blog!! SOOOOO exciting and the projects on it our amazing!!
What are you waiting for?!? Go check it out!!
Hurry!! GOOOoooo!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year....A Fresh Start!!

Thank goodness for 2012? It is a chance to open new doors and embrace new opportunities! Although 2011 had some great memories, I am so excited to make so many more new amazing memories!!

This year I have joined the fabulous WOW Design Team as a Lead and the products are AWESOME!! Don't worry I will post teasers soon! So stay tuned!!

This year I also will have finally earned my AA degree in BFA but I'm not stopping there, you better believe I am going for my Bachelor Degree!! I am so excited to make a half way point though! It just shows that I am working hard and on the right path to create an amazing future for my family!!

This year I also have the chance to push myself in more creative ways possible and go outside my comfort zone in my clothing design, knitwear design, and scrapbooking!! Can't wait to document all my new memories for 2012 through these fun and fabulous ways!!

Hello New Year....Im ready to rock it!!